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Now, with more than 75 years of setting the standards in perfecting loudspeaker performance, the most advanced research and development program, and the most integrated and thorough manufacturing and quality control process in the industry, Wharfedale, in order to remain at the forefront of audio, has dedicated a 1.5 million square foot of manufacturing operation in which every single product and process takes place in-house.

This makes the design of any new loudspeaker an acoustic engineer’s dream. Instead of having to use off-the-shelf components from a catalogue as most other purported ‘hi-fi’ companies choose to, we are able to build a complete vision – to engineer every single component from scratch to achieve a harmony in performance and balance.

Wharfedale is a British brand that has been designing and manufacturing high-quality audio equipment since the 1930s. The company is known for its range of speakers, which are popular among audiophiles and music enthusiasts.

Wharfedale produces a wide range of speakers, including bookshelf speakers, floor-standing speakers, center channel speakers, and subwoofers. The company's products are designed to provide excellent sound quality and are often praised for their clarity, detail, and naturalness.

One of Wharfedale's most popular speaker lines is the Diamond Series, which has been in production for over 35 years. The Diamond Series includes bookshelf speakers, floor-standing speakers, and center channel speakers, and is known for its excellent value for money.

Wharfedale also produces a range of home theater systems, including soundbars and surround sound systems. These products are designed to provide an immersive audio experience for movies and other media.