LS1s Subwoofer (Stereo Set)

LS1s Subwoofer (Stereo Set)

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This Subwoofer Stereo Set extends the LS1 to a 3-way System. Free Shipping to Continental US only !

Grimm Audio LS1s Subwoofer Stereo Set 

“Adding the LS1s subs turns the LS1 system into a unique phase coherent three-way system.”

A pair of LS1s stereo subwoofers integrate seamlessly with the LS1 or LS1a. Its phase corrected crossover at 70 Hz is already build in the LS1, so just adding the subs turns the system into a unique phase coherent three-way system.

Although the LS1 on its own can play down to 40 Hz with quite impressive power, the bottom octave down to 20 Hz is hard to produce with a two-way loudspeaker system. Especially classical music does benefit from a balanced reproduction of these ultra low frequencies. Also, professionals who need to check their mix at raised SPL will value the lower LS1 system distortion offered by the LS1s option.

At low frequencies, wave lengths are so large that the speaker’s orientation does not matter. This fact offered us the opportunity to elegantly fit the LS1s between the legs of an LS1, facing upwards. As a bonus the LS1s can be taken off the footplate and placed in the optimum position for low frequency reproduction, that is not necessarily the ideal spot for the main loudspeakers. To match the immaculate quality of the LS1, we selected a top notch Peerless woofer and a 400W class D amplifier of Hypex fame.

LS1s Features

- Linear response down to 20 Hz

- Turns the LS1 into a powerful 3-way system

- DSP controlled frequency curve

- Phase corrected crossover at 70 Hz

- Peerless woofer and 400W class D amplifier

- Mains outlet for LS1 minimizes cable clutter

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Grimm Audio LS1s Subwoofer User's Manual

Grimm Audio LS1s Subwoofer Info Sheet