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    • Headphone Amplifier P-750u
      • Headphone Amplifier P-750u


      Luxman Headphone Amplifier P-750u



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        To be better than the best, this was Luxman's challenge when developing the P-750u, a new flagship headphone amplifier. Free Shipping to Continental US only!

        Product description

        The Best Headphone Amplifier !

        The P-750u is a meticulously refined evolution of LUXMAN's P-700u, itself a highly respected, industry standard, high-end headphone amplifier, revered by many headphone listeners. Central to the design of this headphone amplifier is LECUA (LUXMAN Electronically Controlled Ultimate Attenuator), a high fidelity computer controlled attenuator which we feel is the ideal volume adjustment system. The P-750u also features ODNF Version 4.0 (Only Distortion Negative Feedback), a proprietary LUXMAN feedback circuit integral to this perfectly balanced headphone amplifier. The addition of a 4-pin XLR balanced headphone output to the P-750u completes the evolution by extending the choice of compatible headphones and elevating the listening experience for even the most ardent headphone users to uncharted heights.

        ODNF Version 4.0 – Updated, Innovative Amplification Feedback Circuit

        LUXMAN’s ODNF (Only Distortion Negative Feedback) original amplification feedback circuit achieves a high-speed primary slew rate, ultra-wide bandwidth and low-level distortion by feeding back only the distorted elements of the audio signal from the output amplification circuit. The design of the P-750u has resulted in even lower output impedance and a higher signal-to-noise ratio, due to a paralleled first stage and a Darlington-equipped second stage amplification circuit.The P-750u features the very latest version of ODNF, Version 4.0, offering improved accuracy in detecting distortion by using a triple-paralleled input stage error detection circuit. The expression of emotion and the power of silence are thereby enhanced by accurately reproducing even the lowest level audio signals, whilst preserving the dynamic and fresh nature of the sound. The final stage of the P-750u's ODNF-equipped amplifier circuitry is a 4 channel, fully balanced output system. A Bridge Tied Load (BTL) output configuration is used for balanced headphones whilst a dual-paralleled configuration is used for unbalanced headphones, demonstrating the suitability of the P-750u for all kinds of headphones.

        Luxman's LECUA Computerized Attenuator is a Highly Accurate Sound Volume Adjustment System

        During headphone playback, audio signals are instantaneously delivered to both ears. Issues caused by level deviation between left and right channels at low sound volumes or differences in sound quality over the volume range are difficult to solve using a conventional analog volume adjustment system. The design of the P-750u features a solid state (IC) circuit, achieving a significant reduction in size, together with the LECUA computerized attenuator, which we believe is the ideal level control system. The incredibly smooth volume control operation of the P-750u minimizes level deviation between the left and right channels at low volume and eliminates loss of sound quality at any volume setting. This multifunctional amplifier suppresses the deterioration of sound quality by offering three selectable levels of sensitivity, depending on the impedance and efficiency of the headphones, and by integrating left/right balance adjustment with LECUA.

        BTL Balanced Drive & Paralleled Unbalanced Drive

        Luxman BTL Balance

        The P-750u is equipped with ODNF Version 4.0, the latest generation of LUXMAN’s original high sound quality amplification feedback circuit on each of the four identical output channels. Utilizing a BTL balanced output configuration enables a great improvement in left-right separation, sound localisation and power supply regulation, whilst cross-modulation distortion is also significantly reduced. The listener can enjoy the maximum benefits of balanced connection headphones. When using unbalanced headphones, the four channel amplification circuitry is divided into 2 channels each for left and right, driving each in parallel, thereby doubling the output current supply capacity. This improves absolute driving force and intensifies sound reproduction with dynamic intonation. An enhanced sound stage can be enjoyed with a rich range and the superb detail that is characteristic of a balanced connection whilst maximizing the performance of the headphones.



        Customized LegsGradation cast iron legs that are used for the LUXMAN 900 series separate amplifier have been customized for the P-750u, taking thorough countermeasures against vibration.
        Rated outputUnbalanced: 4 Watt + 4 Watt ( 8 Ω ), 2 Watt + 2 Watt ( 16 Ω ), 1 Watt + 1 Watt ( 32 Ω ), 53 mW + 53 mW ( 600 Ω )
        Balanced: 8 Watt + 8 Watt ( 16 Ω ), 4 Watt + 4 Watt ( 32 Ω ), 213 mW + 213 mW ( 600 Ω )
        Input Sensitivity/ Input ImpedanceUnbalanced: 1.0 Volt / 15k Ω
        Balanced: 2.0 Volt / 40k Ω
        Frequency Response20 Hz to 20k Hz ( + 0, - 0.1 dB )
        10 Hz to 170k Hz ( + 0, - 3.0 dB )
        Total Harmonic distortionUnbalanced: 0.003 % ( 1k Hz )
        Balanced: 0.002 % ( 1k Hz )
        S/N ratio ( IHF-A )Unbalanced: 113 dB, Balanced: 116 dB
        Power Supply230 Volt ~ ( 50 Hz ) / 115 Volt ~ ( 60Hz )
        Power Consumption42 Watt
        27 Watt ( under no signal )
        External Dimensions440 ( W ) x 92 ( H ) x 400 ( D ) mm
        Net weight13.3 kg ( main unit )
        AccessoriesPower cable


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