Speaker Stands (Pair)

Speaker Stands (Pair)

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These stylish speaker stands were designed for use with Monitor Audio's Gold 100 & Studio speakers, but they provide a solid, performance-enhancing platform for most bookshelf speakers. Free shipping to Continental US only !

Monitor Audio Stand: The Monitor Audio Stand ensures your stand-mount or bookshelf loudspeaker is positioned at the ideal height and with perfect stability. The Monitor Audio Stand was initially designed for use with Monitor Audio's Gold 100 and Studio series loudspeakers, but is also suitable with any other brand and model of bookshelf and stand-mount speaker of similar dimensions and weight.

The Monitor Audio Gold 100 and Studio series loudspeakers will be secured to the Stand using the included machines screws that screw-in from under the Stand's top-plate into the bottom of the speaker cabinet. Rubber pads sit in between the speaker and the Stand's top-plate to prevent any unwanted resonance and vibration.

Other brand's of stand-mount and bookshelf speaker will simply rest on top of the Stand's top-plate and the included rubber pads.

Rigid Steel & Aluminum Construction: To ensure optimum rigidity and a perfect listening experience, different metals have been used for each section of the Monitor Audio Stand. The Stand's top-plate is laser-cut steel, the upright post is extruded aluminum, and the base is die-cast aluminum.

Adjustable Feet: The Monitor Audio Stand includes black rubber feet and chrome-plate spike feet. The black rubber feet should be used on hardwood, tile, laminate, and vinyl flooring. The spike feet should be used on carpeted flooring. The feet are adjustable so you can level up the Stand on uneven floors. The spike feet are pre-installed on the rubber feet and ready to use. To utilize the rubber feet, unscrew the spike feet from the rubber feet.

Dimensions with Rubber Feet: 11.6875" (W) x 23.8125" (H) x 12.8125" (D)

Dimensions with Spike Feet: 11.6875" (W) x 24.625" (H) x 12.8125" (D)

Wire Management: The Monitor Audio Stand features an opening in the base and a wire channel along the rear of the upright post to route your speaker wire. The speaker wire is held in place by the pre-installed wire-management clips along the wire channel of the upright post.

Hollow Post Design: The Monitor Audio Stand's upright post is hollow so you can add sand ( sold separately ) to add additional weight to the speaker stand for even more stability.