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A digital preamplifier, also known as a digital preamp, is a type of preamplifier that uses digital signal processing (DSP) technology to manipulate and control audio signals. Digital preamps are designed to handle digital audio sources, such as CDs, MP3 players, and streaming services, and can convert the digital signal into an analog signal that can be sent to a power amplifier.

Digital preamps typically include a range of features and processing capabilities that are not available in traditional analog preamps. For example, they may include advanced equalization, digital room correction, and dynamic range compression, all of which can be controlled and customized through a user interface.

In addition to processing and manipulation of audio signals, digital preamps may also include inputs for different types of digital audio sources, such as USB, optical, and coaxial. They may also include outputs for different types of power amplifiers, such as balanced and unbalanced connections.

Digital preamps are popular among audiophiles and music enthusiasts who value the flexibility and customization that digital signal processing can offer. They are also useful in professional audio settings, such as recording studios and live sound reinforcement, where precise signal control and manipulation is necessary.