The highest price is $100,000

A preamplifier, also known as a preamp, is an electronic device that is used to amplify and control the volume of audio signals before they are sent to a power amplifier. In an audio system, the preamp typically sits between the source (such as a turntable or CD player) and the power amplifier, and is responsible for boosting the low-level signal from the source to a level that is suitable for the power amplifier to amplify and drive the speakers.

In addition to amplification, preamps may also offer other features such as tone controls, EQ settings, and input selection. They may also include other functions such as headphone amplification, balance control, and volume control.

Preamplifiers can be designed for different types of audio inputs, such as phono, CD, or digital sources, and can range in complexity and quality depending on the intended use and the level of performance required. High-end preamplifiers may include advanced features such as balanced inputs and outputs, remote control, and digital signal processing