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A solid-state preamplifier, also known as a solid-state preamp, is a type of preamplifier that uses semiconductor devices such as transistors and integrated circuits to amplify and control the volume of audio signals before they are sent to a power amplifier. In contrast to tube preamps, which use vacuum tubes to amplify the signal, solid-state preamps use solid-state components to amplify the signal.

Solid-state preamps are known for their high accuracy, low distortion, and excellent dynamic range. They are popular in professional audio settings, such as recording studios and live sound reinforcement, where precise and clean audio signal processing is necessary. They can be designed for different types of audio inputs, such as phono, CD, or digital sources.

In addition to amplification, solid-state preamps may also offer other features such as tone controls, EQ settings, and input selection. Some solid-state preamps also include advanced features such as balanced inputs and outputs, remote control, and digital signal processing.