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We have a great variety of high-end headphones because we care about quality and efficiency. 

our selection includes : Over-ear headphones: These are the largest type of headphones and cover the entire ear. 

On ear-headphones: These headphones sit directly on the top of the ear, rather than covering it completely, smaller and more portable.

In-ear Headphones:  Also knowns as earbuds, these headphones sit inside the ear canal and are the smallest and most portable type of headphone.

Noise canceling headphones: These headphones use noise cancellation technology to reduce the background noise, making it easier to hear the audio.

can be wired or wireless headphones connecting to bluetooth or wifi also could be made with inside tech like dynamic or balanced armature drivers and features such as active noise cancellation, microphone and touch controls. 

Open back headphones: The outer housing has built-in gasp that allow air to pass freely through the ear-cup a-perforated housing eliminates pressure buildup and encourage a more natural sound that's ideal for critical listening. 

 Close-back headphones: also known as sealed or circumaural headphones, are type of over-ear headphones that have a closed design. they are designed to completely enclose the ear with the ear-cups sitting snugly around the ears. this design helps to create an acoustic seal that blocks out external noise and prevents sound leakage. 

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