The highest price is $3,500

An 11 channel AV Receiver is a type of Audio-Video Receiver that is capable of decoding & processing up to 11 channels of audio signals. This means that it can support up to 11 speakers & subwoofers, allowing for a more immersive and expansive home theater experience.

An 11 channel AV receiver typically includes advanced features  which provide support for object-based surround sound, as well as advanced room calibration and optimization features to ensure optimal sound quality in different room environments.

In addition to supporting advanced audio formats, an 11 channel AV receiver may also include various connectivity options, such as HDMI inputs and outputs, network connectivity, and support for streaming services such as Spotify, Pandora, and others. Some models may also include advanced video processing capabilities, such as upscaling and HDR support, to enhance the visual quality of video content. Overall, an 11 channel AV receiver is a high-end audio-video component designed for serious home theater enthusiasts who want the best possible sound and visual experience from their home theater system.