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Saul Marantz, the legend behind our audio experiences, was a true pioneer of Hi-Fi.

Surrounded by music, Marantz found that a home music system that met his exacting standards in the early 1950's just did not exist. He envisioned a completely new architectural idea for sound reproduction, and employing his skill in electrical engineering, built the proof of his concept - the Audio Consolette, a Hi-Fi pre-amplifier designed for the home.

In 1953, Saul's passion project became a business and the Marantz Audio Company was born from his home in New York.

The spirit of Marantz has transcended geographies in the decades since. Our products are engineered by some of the most experienced in the world, and they are expertly tuned to the highest standards by the finest experts in Japan.
Throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas, we support our customers with anything they need.

Today, wherever you are in the world you can reach out and touch Marantz.

"For us, the realistic reproduction of sound is the essential premise.”

Saul B Marantz

Futuristic sound - circa 1953

In 1953, on his kitchen table, Saul Marantz created the first 100 units of the Audio Consolette - the first ever Marantz.

Demand for the Audio Consolette exceeded his expectations. Saul & his trusted engineer Sidney Smith worked tirelessly together on subsequent models, bringing the listener closer to the music with each generation.

Kindred spirits

A shared love of ideas and music brings people together in the melee of New York City.

This same passion for music, and the uncompromising pursuit of audio excellence unites Marantz with people all over the world.

Global by design

A melting pot of creativity, people come to New York to celebrate unique moments of food, culture and music.

Born in the world's most international city, Marantz like New York is global by design.

Modern Musical Luxury

Life in New York continues to be a source of inspiration for Marantz. Contemporary luxury, passion for music, and the beating rhythm of a life of ambition are fused with the heritage of Marantz to create a unique culture and approach.

Like New York, Marantz delivers excitement, authentic experiences, and the unique moments that make city life memorable and special.

Modern Musical Luxury can only be truly experienced through Marantz.