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The highest price is $60,000

We have a great variety of projectors energy efficiency with the best quality.

DLP "digital light processing" These projectors use a digital micro-mirror device to create an image. they are known for producing high-quality images and are perfect for small affordable home theater.

LCoS "Liquid crystal on silicon" These projectors use crystal liquid panel and reflective silicon surface to create an image. They know for producing high-end quality images perfect for your Luxury home theater.

LED/laser Projectors : These projectors use an array of LED or lasers to project the image. They are energy efficient and have longer lifespan than other types if projectors, they are also known for their accuracy and brightness the perfect projector for your next perfect Luxury Home theater. 

We offer different projectors with variety of resolution: 4k and 8k for your home theater, conference room, or classroom. 

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