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Panamorph lenses unleash the full performance of your home theater projector to show 70% of all major motion pictures in the true UltraWide cinema format.

Panamorph is a company that specializes in designing and manufacturing anamorphic lenses for home theater projectors. An anamorphic lens is a type of lens that stretches the image horizontally to achieve a wider aspect ratio, which is particularly useful for watching widescreen movies on a standard 16:9 projector.

Panamorph's anamorphic lenses are designed to work with a variety of projectors, allowing customers to upgrade their existing setup without having to replace their projector. The company offers several different models, each with its own set of features and capabilities.

In addition to anamorphic lenses, Panamorph also offers a range of accessories such as mounting brackets and motorized lens systems to make installation and operation easier.

Overall, Panamorph has a reputation for producing high-quality anamorphic lenses that deliver excellent image quality and are easy to use. They have become a popular choice among home theater enthusiasts who want to achieve a cinematic experience in their own homes.