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About Us

Over the last 20 years, we have built one of the best teams of AV consultants, designers, & installers in the country.

We specialize in Automation home services: Home Theater  and High-End Audio including the installation and integration of various smart devices and systems, such as smart thermostats, lighting systems, security cameras, home audio and video systems, and more.

Our main goal of automation home services is to make homes more efficient, convenient, and secure, by allowing homeowners to control and monitor various systems and devices remotely, using their smartphones or other internet-connected devices. This can help to reduce energy consumption, increase home security, and create a more comfortable and enjoyable living environment.

We offer customized solutions tailored to the specific needs and preferences of individual homeowners. we also provide ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure that the automation systems are functioning properly and meeting the needs of our clients.

Home Theater

Over 20 years of experience in Home theater setup  and design to provide an immersive cinematic experience within the comfort of your own home. It typically includes a large screen or projector, speakers, and a surround sound system, along with comfortable seating and ambient lighting.

Our Work when setting up your home theater

  1.  We help you to Choose the right room: The room you choose for your home theater should be large enough to accommodate all your equipment and seating comfortably. It should also be free of outside noise and distractions.

  2.  We Select the right equipment: The quality of your home theater experience will largely depend on the quality of your equipment. Invest in a high-quality screen or projector, speakers, and a receiver that can handle surround sound.

  3. We Consider the acoustics: The acoustics of the room can affect the sound quality of your home theater. Consider using acoustic panels or other sound-absorbing materials to help reduce echoes and other distortions.

  4. We Control the lighting: The lighting in your home theater can also affect the viewing experience. Use blackout curtains or blinds to block out any outside light, and consider using dimmer switches or smart bulbs to adjust the lighting as needed.

  5. We help you to plan your seating: Comfortable seating is essential for a great home theater experience. Consider using reclining chairs or a sectional sofa, and make sure that everyone has a clear view of the screen.

Overall, creating a home theater is very fun and rewarding project, and we only pick the  right equipment and setup,  so our clients can enjoy a cinematic experience without leaving the house.


Our Work with High-end Audio

We offer High-quality, high-fidelity audio equipment and technologies to create exceptional listening experiences for discerning listeners. This involve designing and getting only the best manufacturing high-end audio equipment such as speakers, amplifiers, and digital-to-analog converters, as well as providing consulting and installation services for high-end audio systems in homes, recording studios, and other professional settings.

We have a deep understanding of audio engineering principles, as well as a keen ear for sound quality and an appreciation for the nuances of different types of music and audio recordings. Additionally, We stay up-to-date with the latest advances in audio technology and equipment to ensure that we provide to our clients with the best possible listening experiences.

Overall, specializing in high-end audio requires a combination of technical expertise, creativity, and a passion for music and sound that allows us to create truly exceptional audio experiences for our clients.


We represent such fine brands as:

Bowers & Wilkins, Magico, Focal, Naim Audio, Luxman, Rogue Audio, Esoteric, TEAC, Chord Electronics, Questyle Audio, Thorens Vertere Burmester, Acoustic Signature Turntables, Gold Note, Musical Fidelity, NAD Electronics, Yamaha, Sony, Samsung, Kaleidescape, JVC, Projectors Stewart Screen Innovations, Da-lite Screens, Cinema-Tech Seating,Fortress Seating, Salamander Designs, BDI-High Performance Furniture, JayMar Furniture, Sanus Mounts, Chief Mounts & AV Furniture, Peerless mpunts, Solid-Tech, SolidSteel, Iso Acoustics, Butcher Blocks Acoustics, Tannoy, Monitor Audio, Broadmann  Acoustics, Klipsch,TDG, Rel Acoustics, Earthquake Sound, Russound, VPI Turntables, Rega Turntables, Pure Fidelity Turntables, iSonic's Record Cleaners, Questyle Audio Engineering, Focal Headphones DH Labs-High Performance Audio Cables, Esprit Audio Cables, Control4, JUNG Lighting & Home Automation, KNX Lutron, RTI URC, Luxul Ubiquiti, Nest, Ring Shunyata Research, Panamax Furman and many other Fine Brands 


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