Burmester 808 Mk5 Reference Line Preamplifier

Burmester 808 Mk5 Reference Line Preamplifier

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Now in its fifth generation, our internationally acclaimed 808 MK 5 preamplifier is still unrivaled in terms of sound quality and uniqueness of features. Free shipping to Continental US only ! Custom Finishes are available !

Since its introduction in August of 1980, the 808 preamplifier has garnered international acclaim. Now in its fifth generation, it has successfully defended its position as a reference component in highly regarded audio magazines all over the world. This extraordinary preamplifier has now been in production for over 30 years and has still to be met by its equal in respect to its sound quality and scope of features. The modular design of the 808  was revolutionary during the time of its introduction and  has lost none of its appeal in the MK5 version more than 25 years later. On the basis of its original design, subsequent generations have the latest in technological innovations incorporated. This has not only kept this audiophile instrument on the cutting edge of development but it has helped to define new trends in musical reproduction.

Detailed Impressions of The 808.

The 808 MK5 makes use of characteristic design elements of the Reference Line and is instantly recognizable as a typical Burmester product.


When fully equipped, the top of the preamp shows an impressive array of up to 20 special potentiometers and a number of toggle switches on top of chromed and engraved cover plates. This points out the sheer unlimited usability of the 808 as a control center for an audio system, whether at home or in a professional setting. Three large rotary dials for input selection and volume settings dominate the high-gloss chrome front. These stepped attenuators dial into every setting with a positive and pleasing click. With its latest-generation external power supply the 808 MK5 cements its status as an international icon in high-end audio.


Burmester originally developed the 808 not only to play music but as a top-notch instrument to directly compare the sound of different pickup systems. Thus, from the beginning new thinking, innovative engineering and hand-selected highest quality components went into this preamplifier. That has never changed. Each 808 MK5 is carefully assembled in the Berlin factory. Each single input and output module is built with the same precision and has to pass muster in a final multi-tiered quality control.



48.5 lis








CD-Sym, SR-Thruput
additionally maximum 4 modules

Input Phono

Optional MM / MC


1 x Output-Set sym / asym with XLR and RCA optional 2-Output set

Headphone Jack


Module Slots

Input: 6, Output: 2

Optional Modules

Phono MC / MM, Line