AVM PH 30.3 MM/MC Adjustable Loading Phono Stage

AVM PH 30.3 MM/MC Adjustable Loading Phono Stage

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MM / MC Class-A phono preamplifier with Subsonic filters & RIAA equalization. Free Shipping to Continental US only!

The Making Of

The solid aluminum chassis made of a thick extruded profile, made exclusively for us, effectively protects the special board from external mechanical influences and microphonic effects. Extensive quality control, which ensures our manufacturing standards is, as always, a matter of course for us.

Already since the founding year 1986, the development and manufacture of phono preamplifiers are always the center of attention at AVM. For several decades now, our phono preamplifiers have regularly won awards and reference titles worldwide. In countless listening sessions, we continuously test, fathom and refine the sonic performance and, as a result, present the PH 30.3, a completely new phono preamplifier.


The sensitive smallest signal amplifiers for RIAA pre-equalization require very special attention, because in the entire audio chain the very smallest electrical signals are processed here, often only a few µV (10-6 volts). The tiniest errors have major effects, and the most careful signal processing has a particularly extensive impact on the sound. In addition, with our ROTATION turntable models and with our own AVM.3 Cadenza MC cartridges (made by Ortofon), we also have highly performant cartridges in-house. From this you can already guess which enormous care the development team with trained ears uses to build a sonically excellent phono preamplifier, which can also be combined with high end components at the very highest level. At AVM, we have not only built up decades of proven and world-renowned expertise in this area – our manufacturing methods also ensure extremely precise production quality in series production.

The PH 30.3 is suitable for amplifying the smallest signals from MC and optionally also from MM systems. Separate connections are available for this purpose. We have deliberately dispensed with sonically insufficient switches ( so-called DIP switches ). In order to be able to adapt the MC pickup system of your choice to the PH 30.3 ideally, 100/200/1000Ω load adapters are included. These load adapters are also equipped with gold-plated connectors and are thus effectively protected against aging processes ( e.g. corrosion due to humidity ). Please refer to the documentation of your cartridge system or ask the manufacturer to find out which load adapter is recommended for your system. Phono load adapters are plugged in parallel to the MC systems into the sockets provided.

Special Features of the PH 30.3

In the PH 30.3, we rely on sound-optimized circuits from our repertoire and borrow from the current phono preamplifiers of the OVATION Line. We have paid special attention to shortening the signal paths to the first amplification stage in order to ideally protect the smallest signals to be processed from electromagnetic interference. In contrast to the two predecessors P 1.2 and P 30, we now also use completely newly developed amplification circuits and employ new, exquisite and finely selected amplification components. The layout was developed in our state-of-the-art CAD design systems and the signal path could be shortened by almost 80%.

Key Features

- Phono Stage MM & MC ( switchable )
- Separate Phono Inputs for MM & MC ( external load plugs included )
- Completely redesigned signal circuit
- RIAA Equalization Class-A
- Subsonic Filter
- External Silent Power Supply
- Phono Load Adapter für 100/200/1000 Ohm
- Solid Aluminium Chassis