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Fono MC Phono Stage

Fono MC Phono Stage

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The Fono MC MK4 is an exceptionally high-quality MC phono stage designed to maximize the potential of any low-output MC cartridge. Free Shipping to Continental US only!

Although specifically designed to compliment the latest Rega range of moving coils you will find full adjustability for gain and loading via dip switches conveniently placed on the rear panel making the Fono MC MK4 compatible with a wide range of third-party low output MC cartridges.

Amazing for the Money

Easily the best sub $600 moving coil phono stage we have tested.

Trickle Down Tech

You get lots of tech that Rega learned about in their much more expensive Aria phono preamp.

Perfect Ania Match

If you have a Rega Ania, it is a no-brainer, perfect match!

Design & Build Quality

The Fono has the same look as many of Rega’s other electronics. It comes in a black aluminum box -- smaller width-wise than a standard audio component. Other than lights, the silver power button is the only thing on the faceplate.

We like the fact that Rega keeps things simple. By reusing basic aluminum boxes for their components, they can save cost and put the money into the audio performance.

The rear panel includes two sets of dip switches, a solid pair of RCA inputs and outputs, instructions for the dip switches, and a ground connection for non-Rega turntables. Finally, there is an input for the 24v external DC power supply.

If you pop the cover off, you get a better sense of where Rega invested. The build quality is impeccable and every internal component is top-notch.

Rega Research Fono MC Phono Stage User's Manual


Output Impedance: 200Ω

Recommended Minimum Output Load Resistance: 5K

Frequency Response: (50KΩ output load): 13Hz (-3dB) to 100KHz (-0.3dB)

RIAA Accuracy: (50KΩ output load) Better than +/-0.2dB 100Hz to 100KHz

Power Requirements: 24V AC at 150mA maximum. Only to be used with Rega PS1.

Input Sensitivity (for 200mV output)

4 off: 133uV

4 on: 67uV

Input Loading Resistance

1 and 2 off: 400Ω

1 on: 100Ω

2 on: 150Ω

1 and 2 on: 70Ω

Input Loading Capacitance

3 off: 1000pF

3 on: 4300pF

Gain (at 1KHz)

4 off = 63.5dB

4 on = 69.5dB

Maximum Input Level (at 1KHz)

4 off: 6.7mV

4 on: 3.4mV

Load Settings for Adjustable MC Stages

Impedance: 100 Ω

Capacitance: 1000pF

Gain setting: High ('On' position for Rega phono stages)

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