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AVM MA 8.3 Monoblock Pair

AVM MA 8.3 Monoblock Pair

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Mono amplifiers with fully balanced & DC coupled signal path. Class A A/B high current MOS FET technology with more than 1.100 Watt on all loads, tube line stage, 48 selected output transistors, 2 x 1000 VA transformers. Sold as pair. Free shipping!

OVATION flagship mono amplifiers with Class A A/B high current MOS FET technology and more than 1.100 Watt on all loads.

2 toroidal main transformers ( 2 x 1000 VA )

Fully balanced input stage with OVATION 803 tube technology ( 2 specially designed AVM double triodes )

Ultra-short signal paths with power supply circuit directly integrated on the output stage boards

Unlimited power reserves from two condensation banks with 400.000 µF capacity each (80.000 µF per pair!)

24 high current MOS FETs per channel

RCA inputs with solid gold-plated copper sockets

Automatic on/off switch

AIR Trigger ( AVM Intelligent Remote )

Trigger input 5V to 20V

USB software update port

Serial RS232 interface

Transparent OVATION glas lid

Optional chrome front upon request


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