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A Family Story

The concept was born between father and son, or rather between grandfather and grandson, when Arthur, the founder of A.bsolument, was offered his grandfather's vintage set. Charmed by this set full of memories and history, Arthur, with the help of his father, decided to modify it so that he could plug in his phone and enjoy his own music. A few notes, familiar music, a memory, the click. A click for Arthur who fell in love with this connected object. This is how the concept of modernising vintage sets was born in 2013. Born from a passion for music, new technologies and vintage, Arthur set himself the challenge of modernising the vintage radios of our grandparents.The company A.bsolument was officially created in 2015 in order to extend this original offer, full of charm and nostalgia.

Our Quality Commitment

Since 2016 we strictly follow the different European market standards such as CE, NF as well as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Customer satisfaction is our priority, so we take care of the quality of our products and its supply chain so that it arrives in perfect condition. We offer a 2 year warranty on all our radios. All our modernised vintage radios are Focal Inside certified, synonymous with quality and know-how. A real plus for the credibility of our work!