The highest price is $3,000

Solving seating challenges since the 40’s…
Primarily a design-oriented manufacturer, Fortress has been providing seating for executives and board rooms for over 75 years. In the late 1990’s Fortress first manufactured theater seating for personal home theaters. With theater seating, design is important. But equally important is the comfort.

Theater seating... the beginning...
Fortress entered the home theater arena because there was a void when it came to custom seating. Designers were creating beautiful home theaters and integrators were designing custom audio and video, and the need for custom seating was apparent. Even with over 30 standard models from which to choose, the need for custom seating is more demanding than ever.

What a good theater chair needs….
Drawing upon the experience gained in building commercial seating has allowed us to build the strongest theater chair available. Seating is personal – that is why we build each chair according to the order. Comfort… Design… Quality is what you get when you buy a chair from Fortress.

Satisfied customers state...
“We chose Fortress because we wanted input into what our theater chairs would look like. At 6’8” a standard chair just didn’t work. Thank you Fortress.” And another, “We really wanted to maximize our room and thanks to Fortress’ willingness to make chairs of different sizes, we were able to get 15 chairs instead of the 13 quoted elsewhere.”

Our Pledge...
and our commitment to service doesn’t stop once your chairs are delivered. Customers are important before and after the sale. That’s our commitment to you and we’ve honored it for over 75 years.