The highest price is $1,000

Seeing, Hearing, Is Believing. The Images Validate Our Process.

Our total process: designed by engineers and consulting chemists over 4 years, we are pvc safe and record groove friendly using only water soluble PVC Safe ionizing surfactant spray. Other sonics only try to clean surfaces as PVC repells water. Our process ionizes the record. 

This is not a home-made, DIY product. Scientific analysis proves our process.

Our system meets electrical and safety standards. ( ETL Certified to meet CSA, UL, PS, CE )

Safe for shellacked or lacquered records, restores, not just “surface—cleans”. ( 2 minute cycle )

Strips out the record release agents from 30-40 years ago as well as those found on new records ( where the clicks and pops lie ). Gain of 1.3-1.5 dB even on a new record over floor after release agent removal.

Strips out remaining contaminants from prior cleaning methods including those left by air drying  or by other ultrasonic machines and vacuum drying.

Strips out coatings or residues  which affect sound from prior cleaning products sold that coat the record by way of residue.

Now: as the needle and its dyne makes proper contact with the record’s grooves after restoration, this provides 1.3 to 5 db increase in signal depending on the record and its provenance.

Cleans in 2 Minutes 4 Records at a time: Restores in 12 to 15 or 20 TO 25 Minutes depending on using a 2 minute or 5 minute cycle! ( consult the FAQ section as to when to revert to a 2 minute cycle. )

Record Now Restored

Not Supplied but required with the system per washing session: 6 Litres of Distilled water, 40 ml ( 1.4 ounces ) of Isopropyl Alcohol 70%