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Introducing TechLogix Networx. We’re a solutions-based organization built by audio-visual professionals dedicated to improving the collaboration experience. Over the years, we’ve watched hundreds of companies sell parts and pieces…products that do stuff but don’t necessarily solve the problem of making presentations and meetings easy and impactful. Even worse, these parts and pieces rarely come together into a cohesive solution that anyone can understand, install and use.

We’re different. We’ve built a company based on four simple tenets:

Technology isn't about products; it’s about solutions. The best products are worthless if they don’t operate as single, intuitive system.

Technology should be judged by return on investment. The true cost of technology isn’t gauged by upfront expense, but by the savings gained through efficient and effective use.

Technology should be embraced, not feared. Presenting is stressful enough.

Technology must enhance the presentation experience.

Poorly designed or improperly deployed products will distract, not enhance.

Our success hasn’t come from engineering better systems or designing better products—the world is full of great widgets from great companies. Our success comes from listening to business owners, educators, trainers and other professionals who collaborate every single day. We understand that a board meeting delayed by ten minutes costs thousands. We understand that a confident educator unlocks a world of potential. But most importantly, we understand that technology must be a canvas empowering learning, collaboration and growth.  

Our products are designed for simplicity. They are easy to understand, easy to install and easy to use. If at any time you find this to be untrue, we welcome you to contact us to speak with a technical consultant or one of our field-based integration partners.