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World Fame with TurnTables

From the 1940s, the production of cutting machines for records and sound boxes begins, followed by record changers and other radio sets. The “Riviera” razor operated by springs was also part of the range for several years.
The development of pickups in particular began at a rapid pace, leading to models with interchangeable sapphires and a reduction of tracking force from more than 100g to one tenth in 1952. With the CD 43 record changer, the company succeeded in gaining a foothold on the young US hi-fi market.

In 1957, the era of record players begins, leading the Thorens brand to world fame. The TD 124 model comes onto the market and becomes a great success within a short time. It is aimed at professionals in radio studios as well as dedicated home users who want to play the new vinyl stereo LPs available at about the same time in top quality.
In the following years several simpler variants of turntables (TD 134, TD 135, TD 184) derived from the TD 124 were added. From 1962 an extremely complex record changer with fully automatic control of the tonearm BTD-12S, the TDW 224, is offered in small quantities.
The TD 124 model was produced in two versions until 1968 and still enjoys an excellent reputation among record lovers today.

In 1963, Thorens SA and Paillard SA merged, integrating into a larger environment and expanding the product portfolio to include film cameras and typewriters.
In 1965, the TD 150 model, equipped with a subchassis suspended on conical springs to decouple the engine from the ground, was developed and, after production had been transferred from Ste Croix to Lahr in Germany, the first Thorens model was produced there in 1966. The plant in Lahr is operated together with EMT. At that time it is not yet foreseeable what influence the small and inconspicuous TD 150 will have on the worldwide development of turntables to this day.

Also in 1966, Thorens and Paillard parted ways again, development and production of the turntables are then taken over by the newly founded Thorens-Franz AG in Lahr.