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Zigen is the vision and creation of Ed Dellalyan, a successful custom Audio Video professional who has been in the industry since 1996. His knowledge and extensive experience allowed him to grow two successful integration companies. Working with high end and demanding projects. Ed’s pursuit for providing outstanding customer service has allowed him to excel in the Audio Video industry.

The opportunity of years of success provided him with the insight of the problems all Audio Video professionals had with HDMI products. Fed-up with zig-zagging between HDMI products that did not deliver on the specs and performance as described. A decision was made to lead an extensive product research and development in pursuit of improving Audio Video products late 2005. Uniting with a great team of Audio Video engineers in quest of removing the headaches and hick ups encountered with most HDMI products. The mission is simple, deliver a product that removes all the doubt and replaces it with HDMI products that actually work.

 After years of meticulous testing in actual field environments, Zigen was ready to launch their products in late 2009. Leading the way for manufacturing by making effective decisions to meet and exceed the demands of cutting edge Audio Video technology without any gimmicks, just results for professionals in our industry. Creating Award winning HDMI extenders, Zigen has quickly been recognized by A/V professionals as the solution to the void.