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    • Predator II HT/1510 Subwoofer, NEW !!!
      • Predator II HT/1510 Subwoofer, NEW !!!
      • Predator II HT/1510 Subwoofer, NEW !!!

      REL Acoustics

      REL Acoustics Predator II HT/1510 Subwoofer, NEW !!!



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        HT/1510 resets expectations for RELs standard bearer, with a confident, sexy new look that meshes perfectly into the traditional REL family, while delivering significantly increased power & improved, well, just about everything. PREORDER NOW! Free Shippin

        Product description

        HT/1510 resets expectations for REL’s standard bearer, with a confident, sexy new look that meshes perfectly into the traditional REL family, while delivering significantly increased power and improved, well, just about everything. Predator II delivers upgraded performance across every performance category: 1,000-watt amplifier with PerfectFilter™ inputs, new 15” CarbonGlas™ driver that handles vastly more power, and confident, elegant styling not previously seen in home theatre designs. This encourages use in multi-REL systems, allowing blending with Serie T/x and Serie S.

        Available NOW for Pre-Orders. Pre-Orders will ship first week of July

        The BEST gets BETTER!

        Predator II, the full upgrade of HT/1510, builds on our original home theater-subwoofer ( winner of Home Theater of the Year awards on multiple continents ) by upgrading every component and aspect.

        These Upgrades were Based on Three Key Learnings:

        1. The sound was so good, people wanted more power
        2. Looks matter and despite being enjoyed in the dark, a home theater subwoofer must look every bit as
        stunning as its audiophile-driven kin
        3. Mating the HT/1510 with our high level models ( Serie T/x and Serie S and Reference Models ) produced dazzlingly rich, full continues theater quality bass

        So Predator II received a full 1,000-watt linear power supply amplifier and new 15” ( 380 mm ) driver with 40% greater power to give people what they wanted –– bigger, faster dynamics and flat out POWER. This attack is combined with a gorgeous new cabinet with sleek new proportions to perfectly mate with other REL designs for a surround sound system that truly looks as beautiful as it sounds. To make sure you received the benefits of these updates, we developed specialized HT versions of our award-winning PerfectFilter™ that delivers flatter deep bass, now down to 20 Hz. As icing on the cake, Predator II delivers the highest .1/LFE output of any REL. Ever.

        Design Isn’t Everything, It’s the Only Thing

        Predator II confidently delivers massive upgrades in design elegance, performance and execution of every detail in cabinet design. Beauty, in this case, isn’t skin deep. We start by using right-sized cabinetry, beautifully executed in horizontally line-grained black with a subtle sheen that evokes state of the art amplifiers. This brings to the HT range the same sleek, elegant proportions used in our Reference models at a fraction of the price. REL designs benefit from incorporating integral engineering solutions throughout their designs. Check out our BrilliantBrace™. Employed inside each HT/1510, it cradles the rear of the driver to eliminate shipping damage, quiets and redirects energy normally trapped in the driver, and quiets top, bottom and both sidewalls of the cabinet. Brilliant. And the full depth rails used to support and reactively brace against the powerful movements such a powerful subwoofer can produce, also means Predator II can be stacked in Line Arrays of 3/channel for the ultimate in home theatre, to carry performance up the entire height of massive projection screens.

        Size Matters, Now More Than Ever

        There is simply something special about a large driver effortlessly distributing bass that small subs working hard can never match. At the heart of every REL lies a truly great driver. Predator II’s 15” ( 380 mm ) driver retains the combination of  glass fiber and carbon fiber center cap that allows quick, reactive bass with slam that is the hallmark of great theatre sound. The lightweight glass fiber allows the 3” ( 75 mm ) voice coil to accelerate Predator II’s cone instantly, while the carbon fiber center cap stiffens the composite structure, ensuring that even in the biggest of moments, its cone structure remains intact and un-phased by massive signals. Naturally, this delivers benefits for music reproduction as well. Power handling has been increased permitting the much more powerful amp to give its best without fear that the driver might not keep up. Scale, speed and signature performance are this flagship’s reason for being.

        Now Hear This

        If 800 watts wasn’t enough for you, surely the 1,000-watt Class A/B linear power supply amplifier in the new Predator II will cure what ails you. Featuring ( 4 ) x 400-watt mosfets and a monster power supply—it’s critically important to have massive current reserves for when the explosions and special effects hit. Predator II’s amplifier brings massive power with almost limitless reserves. This creates huge output that is available instantly, almost dismissively, and is delivered in the effortless manner worthy of the lead dog in the HT family.

        Stand and Deliver

        HT/1510 Predator offers one more uniquely REL innovation. For truly over the top performance, Predators are designed to be stacked up to three ( 3 ) units high using included REL Couplers™ that connect lower units to upper units. These solid, milled aluminum couplers bolt securely to each sub and along with the substantial rails on the underside of each cabinet create an extremely heavy, sturdy tower of bass. When used in stereo stacks ( 6 total, 3 per side ) it represents over 8000 watts of peak power forcing ( 6 ) x 15” drivers to give their utmost in the service of breathtaking bass delivered in oceanic torrents of bass.

        The Airship II combined with Predator II utterly transforms your home theater

        For the first time wireless High Level Input is made available to owners of Predator II. When combined with REL’s newest Airship II, the latest state of the art Texas Instruments ADC-DAC chips and REL’s world- famous High Level Input circuitry, permit Predator II owners to add High Level Inputs driven off one’s main amplifier outputs. When one’s receiver or av processor is set properly, this delivers professional transfer studio sound, sound that delivers rich, full range sound, at all times. Not the thin strained but once-in-awhile-something-goes-bang sound that annoys in traditional home theatre.

        HT-Air™ Zero Compression Wireless Compatible 

        There is wireless and there is REL wireless. We are well-known for having the finest wireless purpose-built systems in the entire component audio world. Though HT-Air™ is affordable, it retains our corporate fixation on zero compression and maximum dynamics delivered via a 5.8 gigahertz network. HT-Air is designed to leave old fashioned Bluetooth-based systems in the dust, delivering latency in the 16-20 millisecond range. This permits owners to place their HT/1508 Predator where it works best for them without resorting to unsightly cables being strewn across the landscape of your living room, all while retaining our category-leading super-fast wireless.


        Type: Closed box, front firing driver

        Active Driver Size & Manual 

        15" CarbonGlas™ using glass fibre primary cone with true carbon fibre center cap for structural reinforcement

        Low Frequency Extension: -6dB at 20Hz

        InputsLow Level Stereo RCA, LFE RCA, LFE XLR

        Outputs: Low Level stereo RCA, LFE RCA, LFE XLR

        Power Output: 1000 watts ( RMS )

        Amplifier Type: Linear Power Supply with Class D output

        Wireless Capability: Yes - REL HT-Air system ( required ), sold separately ! 

        Protection System: Fully Electronic Set Safe

        D.C. Fault: Yes 

        Output Short: Yes

        Mains Input Voltage: 220-240 volts. 110-120 volts for certain markets

        Fuses: 8 Amp semi delay 230 volts operation. 15 Amp semi delay 115 volts operation.

        Dimensions  ( W x H x D ) : 21.3"  x 18" x 19.4"

        Net Weight: 99.7 lbs.

        Finish: Vinyl

        Supplied Accessories

        - Mains Lead

        - User Manual 


        Available in store


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