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LS1be Active Loudspeakers ( Pair )

LS1be Active Loudspeakers ( Pair )

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These speakers are explicitly for those who want the most neutral and transparent sound reproduction, no corners were cut. Free Shipping to Continental US only !

Grimm Audio LS1be Active Loudspeaker

Our flagship product LS1be takes the LS1 performance to the next level ! Our aim was to improve transparency even further by focussing on “authority, control and flow”. To achieve this we worked on lowering distortion and extending the linear audio band.

We have added a new Beryllium tweeter, which was co-developed with Seas. It extends the frequency range and has 9 dB less distortion than our original tweeter. Furthermore we lowered jitter, improved the power supplies, employed some exclusive component selection and decided on silver power supply wiring for the finishing touch.

“We Improved Transparency Even Further by Focussing on “Authority, Control & Flow”.

At the low end of the frequency spectrum, we obtained an even bigger improvement. Our newly developed Digital Motional Feedback (SB1) subwoofer has an impressive 30 dB lower distortion, which means the bass area is now just as transparent as the mid and treble.

Of course, just like with our other LS1’s, the LS1be frequency response is linearized through smart use of DSP via a Computer Aided Calibration process during production.

The LS1be can be controlled by the MU1 music player, or by the LS1r controller and the LS1i USB interface, well known from the LS1. The cabinet can be ordered in a stylish ‘Hi-Macs’ artificial stone finish or in our traditional bamboo veneer look.

LS1be Features

- Unique wide dispersion Beryllium tweeter

- Unidirectional down to 250 Hz

- DSP controlled frequency curve

- Well-behaved off-axis response

- Digital and analog audio inputs

- 64/128 fs DSD and DXD playback via USB interface 

- Filtered analog subwoofer output for SB1

- Remote control of volume and source

- Super low distortion NCore class D power amps

- 5 year limited warranty on material & workmanship


Audio Inputs:

1 x stereo analog line level

3 x AES/EBU 44.1 - 192 kHz

1 x USB: PCM up to 384kHz/24bit (DXD), DSD64 & DSD128

Frequency Response:

20 Hz - 20 kHz +/-3dB ( unsmoothed! )

30 Hz - 20 kHz +/-0.5dB ( unsmoothed! )

Deviation from Minimum Phase: <10 Degrees

Amplifier Power: LS1 250 & 100 Watt ( per side )

Maximum SPL: 105 dB

Signal to Noise Ratio: 114dB ( unweighted )

Dimensions: 45.27" ( H ) x 20.47" ( W ) x 6.29" ( D )

- Product Documentation -

Grimm Audio LS1be User's Manual

Grimm Audio Firmware Update Info

Grimm Audio LS1be Info Sheet

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