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Grimm Audio LS1r Remote Control

Grimm Audio LS1r Remote Control

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The Grimm Audio LS1r Remote Control has an infrared sensor. So any universal IR-remote can be used to remotely control three functions ! Free Shipping to Continental US only !

Grimm Audio LS1r Remote Control

The beautifully crafted LS1r remote control is part of the LS1 monitor system. It features volume control, source selection and mute, just with one large dial. Two extra digital audio sources can be connected directly to the remote. When placed at a distance, a regular IR remote may be used for wireless control.

Every set (except the LS1a) also comes with a LS1i USB interface that facilitate connection of a Windows or Mac PC. It can be used to play audio from the computer directly into the LS1. Mac’s have native support, PC’s require a special driver. Via the same USB connection, the LS1 remote software can be used to setup the system. 

An LS1i can also be used as generic USB audio interface by people that need a high performance two channel digital audio interface.

LS1r Remote Features

- Switches for analog and digital sources

- Volume, mute and dim functions

- USB interface for Mac, PC and Linux audio playback

- Access to all LS1 parameters for setup control

Attention: The settings of the LS1 Remote software always have the frst priority. However, as soon as you use the speakers without the remote software, they will use the setting of the hardware switch again to determine the channel to play. For that reason it is advised to always put the switch in the right position.

Grimm Audio LS1r Remote Control User's Manual & Set Up Guide

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