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JS120 Speaker Stands (Pair)

JS120 Speaker Stands (Pair)

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Speaker Stands designed for JBL 12” monitors, including L 100 Classic, 4349, and 4312G. Free Shipping to Continental US only!

Specifically Designed to Place JBL L100 Classic Speakers at an Optimal Angle and Height for Exemplary Performance: Steel JS-120 Stands Enhance Frequency Response, Imaging, and More

Exclusively designed to accommodate JBL L100 Classic speakers, the steel JS-120 speaker stands offer dedicated support and place the speakers at an optimal position. Specifically, the low-profile stands situate L100 Classic at a calculated angle that optimizes the directional axis of the tweeter to the listening position enhancing frequency response, imaging, sound-staging, and detail. Plus, L100 Classic looks great on these speaker stands.

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