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M8s-500 Amplifier

M8s-500 Amplifier

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The M8-700 has received outstanding reviews and an enthusiastic reception from knowledgeable audiophiles. The combination of high power and cutting edge technical performance has proved a compelling combination.

Design + Build

The M8s-500s is a fully balanced stereo amplifier which delivers 500wpc, which almost doubles into 4ohms. The M8s-500s is engineered for very low distortion typically less than .001% of 1kz and below .005% at 20kHz. Even at the ridiculous level of 50kHz distortion is a mere 0.02% creeping up to around 0.06% at the even more unreasonable figure of 100kHz. These may be measurements of frequencies never encountered in the real world but they prove a point; that the M8s-500s significant less distortion than rival designs.

Like the M8-700m the M8s-500s has very low noise. Its combination of huge power reserves, low distortion and low noise contribute to its effortless performance. It delivers everything from delicate detail to massive dynamic slam with incredible speed and precision.

Whatever style of music you listen to the M8s-500s serves it up in a spacious sound stage with outstanding realism.

Its power and balance mean that the M8s-500s can drive just about any loudspeaker you choose. It is, of course, the perfect partner/visually and sonically for our M8 preamp.


Power output: 500 Watts per channel into 8 Ohms ( 27 dBW )

THD ( + noise ): <0.007% typical

Signal to Noise Ratio: >120dB 'A' weighted

Frequency Response: +0, –1dB, 10Hz to 80kHz


1x RCA Phono Line Level

1x Line level XLR Balanced

1x Trigger input 3.5mm ( ⅛” ) mono jack ±4.5 to ±15V DC


1x RCA Phono Line Level ( loop output )

1x Line level XLR Balanced ( loop output )

1x Trigger output 3.5mm ( ⅛” ) mono jack 12V DC


Dimensions - WxHxD ( mm ): 440 x 160 x 460

Weight ( unpacked / packed ): 29 kg / 34.5 kg

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