Sigma USB Cable

Sigma USB Cable

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Reduces electromagnetic polarization distortion. Sigma USB cables feature Precision Matched Z conductors. Signal & power wires are shielded for superior noise immunity. Sigma USB cables are handmade.

TAP reduces electromagnetic polarization distortion. Sigma USB cables feature Precision Matched Z conductors. Signal and power wires are heavily shielded for superior noise immunity. Each Sigma USB cable is handmade.

Standard length and minimum length of cables is 1.5 meters. The maximum length is 5 meters.

Regardless of retail price, Shunyata Research’s Sigma USB cable resides at the top of its performance class due to Shunyata’s unique design, hand-craftsmanship and patent-pending technology. A primary design attribute of the Sigma USB is its expensive 100% coverage silver-braided shield, eliminating exposure to sources of near field noise radiation.  Shunyata’s proprietary Precision Matched Z conductors eliminate wire incongruities that would otherwise distort high-speed signal transfer. Sigma USB also sports the finest CCC silver wire and FEP dielectrics to further reduce internal distortions. Taking USB design and performance where it’s never been before is Sigma USB’s unique Patent-Pending TAP (Transverse Axial Polarizer), which preserves signal timing by reducing inductive field energy. Finishing the Sigma USB design are hand-applied custom-manufactured connectors developed to eliminate junction related distortions inherent in standard USB cable designs. The material and scientific advances within the Sigma USB demonstrate why it has received universal praise and endorsement from those who have compared it to USB cables costing two to three times the Sigma’s price.

‌‌KPIP™ (‌‌Kinetic Phase Inversion Process) was developed by Caelin Gabriel after years of research into the underlying causes of various effects such as burn-in, wire directionality and the effects of cryogenic treatment. He discovered that there was an underlying core principle that burn-in and cryogenics only “partially” addressed. Once the governing principle was understood it became possible to create a processing technique and machine that could virtually eliminate the need for burn-in and cryogenic treatment.

‌TAP (‌‌Transverse Axial Polarizer) is a device that interacts with the electromagnetic field generated by the signal traveling along the signal cable. ‌‌TAP improves the sonic performance of the cable by modifying the behavior of the electromagnetic wave that surrounds the signal cable. In effect, the ‌‌TAP blocks longitudinal-oriented waves while passing transverse-oriented waves. The effect in sonic terms is like using polarized sunglasses to reduce reflected sunlight. Correcting polarization micro-distortion reduces what some call sonic glare. ~ Patent Pending ~

Shunyata Research digital cables are produced using a ‌Precision Matched Z (‌‌PMZ) concept. This means that tolerances of the conductor surface, dielectric extrusion, and the precision of the braided shield are held to minute variances. To achieve these tight tolerances, the extrusion and braiding machines must be run at one-quarter speed during the manufacturing process. The result is better performance through a reduction of cable-induced ‘signal jitter’. (Note: Z means impedance)