Arvon W Diffuser (Painted)

Arvon W Diffuser (Painted)

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( 2 ) per box. Arvon W Diffuser is a carefully calibrated diffuser, combining phase and geometric diffusion, that provides even scattering at 900 Hz and goes up to 6000 Hz. Free Shipping to Continental US only !

The Arvon Diffuser helps to create a uniform sound field through mid and high frequency diffusion, with minimal loss of energy. Made from solid wood from a sustainable source, and available in a wide range of natural wood or lacquered finishes. Arvon has a premium furniture grade quality that fits perfectly in any home cinema, listening, or media room.


- Improving low frequency response
- Flutter echo control
- Specular reflection control
- Enlarging sweet spot

Recommended For:

- Hi-Fi Listening Room
- Media Room
- Home Cinema

Type: 1D - Geometric Diffuser

Scattering Range: 900 Hz to 6k Hz

Available Fire Rate:  FG | Furniture Grade


Natural wood | Lacquered wood
Solid wood

Integrated fixing system already incorporated on the panel.


FG - LW | 595 x 595 x 78 mm
FG - NW | 595 x 595 x 78 mm

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