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System 2 Kit

System 2 Kit

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The System 2 products are the low-cost, simple-to-install, quiet venting solutions for mid-size heat loads in mid-sized cabinets ( and mid-sized budgets ). Free Shipping to Continental US Only! Questions? Please call us at (702) 910-4913.

The family has 4 members - the original System 2, the 2 Kit, the 2+2 Kit, and the Rack-Mount ( described elsewhere ). All feature proportional speed control: fan speed is proportional to temperature rise, relieving the system designer of control issues. As equipment warms, fans begin to turn at about 1/3 of full speed, increasing to 2/3 of full speed if temperature rises further. When the system is turned off, fan speed slows as temperature falls, shutting off completely just above room temperature. Speed limitation and the use of multiple fans ensure effective cooling with very little noise.   

-The original System 2 has 2 fans and drive electronics on a 1/8" black mounting plate, and is usually mounted on the back of a cabinet to exhaust hot air.  

The System 2 Kit ( with 2 fans, for most mid-sized cabinets ) and 2+2 Kit ( with 4 fans, for the larger cabinet or larger heat load ) consist of "separates": fans, fan guards, drive electronics in a small box, power supply, and 2 temperature-sensing thermistors. Both Kits are ideal for building into an enclosure at the planning stage. ( Or squeezing into existing installations that are running hot. ) Fans and temperature sensors come with long wires for an easy, plug-together, no-soldering installation.

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