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Diva II SP Turntable Bundle

Diva II SP Turntable Bundle

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The Diva II SP may look near identical to the more affordable Diva II, but in practice, The SP is streets ahead of its sibling. Greater tonal depth, vastly improved detail retrieval, and an immaculate sense of timing ensure riveting listening.

Avid HiFi Diva II SP Turntable with Altus Tonearm & Ionic Cartridge Bundle

" The perfect chassis"

The AVID Diva II SP builds upon the already multi-awarding winning Diva II, elevating it to new levels of performance. Continuing to share the same design philosophy and key elements of the more expensive designs, Diva II SP bridges the gap between the Diva II and Volvere models. Retaining the same ultra rigid, one-piece aluminum cast chassis used for our other models, the platter is replaced with machined aluminum and employs an improved main bearing taken from the Volvere and Sequel models.

Spinning Mass

A heavy aluminum platter and vibration absorbing properties of the screw-down clamp and sapphire bearing, work symbiotically with the chassis to reduce background noise to vanishing levels. 

Providing plenty of breathing space for the music, the total lack of mechanical noise ensures that the finest sprinkling of detail is meticulously rendered, adding to a sense of compelling authenticity.

Dynamic Sound

With twin belt drive controlling platter stability, coupled with our Digital Signal processing engine ironing out variations in the electrical supply, precision control of the speed is achieved, improving bass and treble definition for a smooth, yet dynamic sound.

The sheer sense of dimension and authority of the music, together with powerful dynamics and metronome timing, propels the SP into true high-end territory, leaving you enthusiastically reaching for your next record, time after time.

"This analog source gave us the most musical performance in all aspects" - Laurent Thorin

Twin Belt Drive System

Additionally the Diva II SP incorporates the new 'twin belt' drive system and DSP Vari-SPeed power supply. Against the growing trend of easy-option DC motor driven turntables, AVID retains the use of synchronous motors and has developed a new power supply to finely control the final speed of the platter.

By using the latest DSP technology to control frequency generation, and using the synchronous motors unique speed locking abilities, speed can be adjusted precisely. Motor noise, vibration and control is improved, with the twin belt drive controlling platter dynamics and stability under load giving a smooth, yet dynamic sound quality, improved bass and treble definition.

"Minimalist Style with Tremendous Sound Quality"

As with other AVID turntables, it is beautifully finish with minimalist styling and with a sound quality that will impress.

Key Features

- DSP Controlled PSU

- Twin Belt Brive System

- Vibration Tuned Chassis

- Triple Layer Suspension


Drive: Twin Belt drive.

Speeds: 33.3 and 45.0 RPM ( Adjustable ).

Platter Mass: 13.8 lbs

Bearing: Inverted stainless steel.

Thrust Point: Tungsten carbide/Sapphire.

Suspension: Triple layer 3 point elastomer.

Tonearm ( Included ): Altus

Cartridge ( Included ): Ionic

Motor: 24v 12mNm ac synchronous.

Power Supply: Separate DSP Vari-Speed control unit.

Voltage Input: 100-240vac 50/60Hz 20 watts max.  ( depending on region ).


Turntable ( Overall ) 17.7" ( W ) x 15.3" ( D ) x 5.5" ( H )

Turntable ( Footprint ) 14.9" ( W ) x 13.3" ( D )

P.S.U. 6.2" ( W ) x 11.1" ( D ) x 2.3" ( H ) 

Net Weight: 28 lbs ex. PSU.

Packaging: 22.4" ( W ) x 20.8" ( D ) x 9" ( H ) 

Shipping Weight: 42 lbs