AVM A 30.3 Integrated Amplifier

AVM A 30.3 Integrated Amplifier

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Technology is in service to music in the A 30.3 integrated amplifier. Dual mono power supplies provide exceptional channel separation and ultra-quiet operation, creating a holographic soundstage and you-are-there transparency.

                                                 AVM A 30.3 Integrated Amplifier


Like the A 30 from the 2016 limited anniversary edition, the A 30.3 also refers to a legendary predecessor, the A2 form the early 19 nineties. This forefather of all AVM integrated amplifiers, the A 2 integrated amplifier provided the conceptual template for its modern descendant. The A 30.3 marks now the 14th evolutionary stage of the groundbreaking concept. As the A 30.3 was developed from scratch, it is taking advantage of our new A-I design software. Essential features such as the consistent double mono structure were retained and contemporary features such as the digital inputs along with Bluetooth added. Far-reaching innovations from the AVM OVATION and EVOLUTION product lines of the latest generation have also been introduced in the circuit design. These innovations are made possible by the use of the most modern components as they are also used in the Ovation Line. All in all, a new, state-of-the-art integrated amplifier was created, which plays at the highest level of sound and can easily drive all loudspeakers with its greatly increased power potential of 150W / channel.

The A 30.3 utilizes double mono design which treats music signals perfectly channel separated for a holistic spacious sound reproduction. It is designed as a high current amp so that the sonic signature is very rich and full sounding at all volume levels. Effortlessly it drives all speakers available in the market. Technically the A 30.3 is a

Class A/AB MOS FET Design: Silk smooth, detailed and powerful sound at the same time.

All functions of the A30.3 can be operated easily and intuitively, at the same time extensive setting options are available ( input sensitivity, tone control, home theater loops and much more ). The perfectly machined housing made of painted sheet steel decorated with a beautiful aluminum front panel, provides the stable base to safely carry the two weighty 550VA main transformers. The brushed aluminum front determines the look of the AVM 30.3 line standard housing versions are silver and black.

The A 30.3 comes with the massive & elegant RC 3 aluminum remote control.

The debut of the new AVM30.3 series in autumn 2021 marks the launch of an AVM line with all the sound characteristics and features known form the Evolution and Ovation lines for a reachable price tag. Like the A30 ancestors this .3 Generation was also developed entirely in the AVM design center in Malsch. Repeated, intensive quality controls during all production steps and a break-in period of several days for each individual device secure our promise of maximum reliability in the long term.


- Class A / AB power integrated amplifier with 150 Watt / channel

- AVM MOS-FET high current technology

- Double mono power supplies, one main transformer for each channel

- Minimal stand-by consumption

- 5 line level inputs ( including 1 x XLR )

- 1 preamp output ( RCA )

- Headphone connection 6mm jack

- 3 digital inputs: USB 96kHz / 24bit, SPDIF optical and SPDIF coax.

- Bluetooth 4.2

- Tone control for treble & bass

- Large, white OLED display

- Full metal remote control RC 3 included

- Extensive menu functions ( adjustable input sensitivity and much more )

- Home theater loop programmable

- Finishes: Silver or Black