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AVM Evolution MP 3.3 Streamer / Media Player

AVM Evolution MP 3.3 Streamer / Media Player

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Media Player with AVM X-STREAM Engine®, Pure CD Drive & RC 3 Aluminum Remote Control. Evolution MP 5.3 Upgrade available, special order. Free Shipping to Continental US only !

AVM Evolution MP 3.3 Streamer &Media Player

The Evolution MP 3.3 is a true powerhouse of high-end audio technology, working as a pure transistor device. Its connection and performance data match those of the Evolution MP 5.3. The most obvious distinguishing feature is the closed, brushed aluminum case cover. This sleek design adds a touch of elegance to your audio setup while providing the same high-quality sound as the Evolution MP 5.3.

Born from the finest genes: The Sister Devices MP 3.3 & MP 5.3

For decades, AVM has specialized in creating powerful high-end players., and now, based on the AVM X-STREAM Engine®, a new generation of high-performance MP devices has emerged. The new RC X App completely controls the Evolution MP 3.3/5.3 Media Player, which boasts numerous new features. These high-performance media players are capable of playing CDs and all streaming formats at the highest level of sound quality. They come equipped with all modern connections, allowing you to connect to your TV via HDMI ARC. To construct the most powerful media player in the world, AVM draws inspiration from its flagship device, the MP 8.3. The Evolution MP Media Players now feature a precision housing, made of brushed aluminum, that’s only 43cm wide and with a minimalist and symmetrical design. AVM’s design principle, “Reduce to the Max,” is evident in the sleek and elegant design of these media players.

The main focus of the RC X App is to provide a completely modernized control system, making it incredibly easy to use and navigate, even for managing large music collections. The intuitive interface and sleek design make it a pleasure to discover new music on various streaming platforms. The included selection of Spotify Connect, TIDAL Connect, Qo-Buz, and HighResAudio can be easily expanded in the future. The AVM RC X App is available for both iOS ( Apple ) and Android devices, providing you with flexibility and convenience.

The New AVM X-STREAM Engine®

The new AVM X-Stream Engine® is a revolutionary addition to the MP 3.3 and MP 5.3, capable of streaming all high-resolution audio formats up to 384/32 resolutions, including DSD ( 256 ). This streaming engine is an AVM proprietary development, fully software-based, and can be easily updated online for future-proof performance. The MP 3.3 and MP 5.3 come equipped with an HDMI ( ARC ) interface and modern Bluetooth connectivity, as well as multiple digital inputs and a USB A interface as standard. The device also features new digital outputs that can now be volume-controlled on demand, and analog outputs ( RCA & XLR ) can also be volume-controlled, which is done in an entirely analog manner. The digital inputs can also be set to be signal-sensitive, so the MP 5.3 and MP 3.3 will turn on automatically when a signal is detected. These outputs can also deliver a volume-controlled digital signal, providing you with an unprecedented level of control over your listening experience.

The Evolution MP 5.3 and MP 3.3 are audio marvels, offering a significant improvement over its predecessor in terms of sound quality. The digital section has been completely redesigned from the ground up, using the selected ESS9028 PRO Double-Quad DAC as the foundation. This level of engineering results in a significant improvement in sound quality, thanks to the use of 4 D/A converters per channel working in parallel. This extra effort translates to all digital sources being perfectly and naturally reproduced. A particularly exciting feature is the ability to select and adjust upsampling rates and filter characteristics via the app, right from the comfort of your listening seat.

The New Evolution

The new Evolution Media Players are available in standard colors of silver or black aluminum, or as an elegant Cellini version with chrome and hand-polished front. Like all AVM Evolution devices, the Evolution Media Players are handcrafted in AVM’s audiophile manufacturing facility in Malsch. The majority of suppliers, such as for the precise housing parts, are also based in the immediate vicinity of our headquarters. You can witness our manufacturing process in our ‘Making-of’ video. The full-aluminum RC 3 remote control is also included.

All Evolution Media Players undergo repeated, intensive quality controls during every step of the manufacturing process, and also receive a multi-day break-in period for each individual unit, ensuring our promise of the highest level of reliability in the long term. Additionally, we offer a transferable two-year warranty, and with online registration, you will receive an additional two years of warranty coverage.



THD ( MP 3.3 )

< 0.001%

THD ( MP 5.3 )

< 0.003%

Crosstalk Attenuation ( Channels )

> 94dB

Frequency Response

( MP 3.3 ) ( at -3dB )

< 0Hz to > 80kHz

Frequency Response

( MP 5.3 )  (at -3dB )

< 5Hz bis > 35kHz

Pre Amp ( Line )

Output Impedance

47 Ω


> 100dB

Output Level

2.5 V

Pre Amp ( Pre )

Output Impedance RCA

47 Ω

Output Impedance XLR

94 Ω


> 97B

Output Excitation  (1% THD )

8.4 V

CD Player

Playable Formats

CD Audio, CDR (according to Red-Book-Standard)

Frequency Range

< 20 - 20 kHz


LAN ( hot-pluggable )

100 Mbit/s

Supported WLAN/ WiFi Standards

2,4/ 5GHz/ 802.11a/b/g/n/ac






Max. Sample Rates

DSD256, 32 Bit/ 384 kHz PCM

Streaming Services

Airplay 2, Qobuz, Roon, Spotify, TIDAL, HighResAudio

Supported Data Formats



Bluetooth Standard


Supported Bluetooth Profiles


USB Input ( Rear Panel )

USB Standard

USB 2.0

Max. Feed Current For Connected Devices

500 mA

Supported Formats


⚠ WARNING: The USB input is intended for use with hard drives and USB sticks only.

Digital Inputs ( S/P-DIF / Coaxial )

Max. Sample-/ Bitrate ( OPTO )

96 kHz / 24 Bit

Deemphasis ( OPTO )

Yes, automatic

Max. Sample-/ Bitrate ( COAX )

192 kHz / 24 Bit

Min. Signal Strength [Vpp] at 192kHz

( COAX )

> 150 mVpp

Input Impedance ( COAX )

75 Ω

Deemphasis ( OPTO )

Yes, automatic

Max. Sample-/ Bitrate ( ARC )

192 kHz / 24 Bit

Input Impedance

100 Ω

NOTE: When using the digital inputs, the cable length of the digital cables should not exceed three meters.

Digital Outputs ( S/P-DIF / Coaxial )

Max. Sample-/ Bitrate ( OPTO )

96 kHz / 24 Bit

Max. Sample-/ Bitrate ( COAX )

192 kHz / 24 Bit

Output Impedance ( COAX )

75 Ω

NOTE: When using the digital outputs, the cable length of the digital cables should not exceed three meters.



5 - 20V

Trigger-Output ( 2x )

12V ( sequentially switched )

NOTE: The second trigger-out is switched delayed to the first trigger-out for protection against high current peaks. Mono amplifiers are thus switched on with a delay.

Power Consumption

AC Voltage

100-240V, 50Hz-60Hz

Power Consumption maximum

3 W


< 0,5 W

Extended Standby - Network stand-by 

< 2 W

Idling Power Consumption

< 18 W

Fuse Rating

T 1A



2 years + 2 years when registered online
( Warranty may differ in distribution territories )

Included Remote Control

RC 3 Aluminum Remote Control

Product Dimensions

12.9" ( L ) x 16.9" ( W ) x 4.8" ( H ) 


Aluminum Silver, Aluminum Black, CELLINI Chrome

Product Weight

17.6 lbs