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6451 Centro Lift Desk

6451 Centro Lift Desk

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In Store Only! The BDI Centro Lift Desk is a contemporary sit + stand desk that is made from unique materials and is designed to last a lifetime.

The BDI Centro Lift Desk uses a powered leg system that is controlled by a programmable digital keypad. Integrated cable management keeps cables hidden and organized. The gray tempered glass top is micro-etched, resistant to fingerprints, compatible with an optical mouse and has a matte, non-glare finish. The Centro Lift Desk's dimensions fit within the Centro modular framework allowing it to seamlessly partner with other BDI Centro components. Alternating between sitting and standing throughout the day allows you to avoid adverse health effects from over sitting and over standing. The Centro Lift Desk raises and lowers for you at the push of a button and remembers the heights you like best. Its satin white finish is beautifully modern and its top is compatible with most 3rd party monitor arms. The BDI Centro Lift Desk sets a new standard in contemporary ergonomic office furniture with its high quality construction, materials + finishes and features, as well as its attractive technic style which will impress anyone that sees it.


- Micro-etched gray glass top
- Powered leg system - digital self raising
- Programmable digital keypad
- Integrated cable management
- Wire management ledge
- Partners with other Centro components
- Sit-stand ergonomics
- Optional storage drawer available
- Compatible with 3rd party monitor arms