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Air Dried, Then Kiln Dried: After spending a great deal of time air drying, our hardwood then spends a short period of time in the safe and controlled environment of a kiln. Moisture content is key - kiln drying is a scientific process that SLOWLY removes just the right amount of moisture from the ENTIRE piece of wood – edges and center.

Kiln Dried Hardwood Users: Steinway & Sons, Yamaha, Martin, Gibson, Fender, Rickenbacker all turn to the safe and scientific process of kiln drying. Professional kiln drying does NOT weaken the wood’s fibers.

Old Growth Hardwood: Old growth hardwood of the eastern United States can develop old-growth characteristics in one or two generations of trees, or 150 – 500 years. Be skeptical about what you read regarding old growth maple.

Jim Whithorne - Owner

Jim Whithorne has spent the past 43 years selling Butcher Block for the Wood Welded Companies. But music is in his DNA.

Jim’s great-grandfather was Emerson Whithorne, a notable American composer and researcher into the history of music. Emerson Whithorne (1884-1958, born in Cleveland, OH, a distant relative of Ralph Waldo Emerson) fell into the classification of the "American Impressionists" group of composers, with Charles Tomlison Griffes and John Alden Carpenter. He had a reputation as an authority on the music of China. Whithorne lived for a period in London, staying until 1915.

And equally amazing, Jim’s great-grandmother was Ethel Leginska. Ethel was a British pianist, composer, conductor and music educator. She was a student of Theodor Leschetizky later studying composition with Rubin Goldmark and Ernest Bloch, and conducting with Eugene Goossens, Robert Heger and Gennaro Papi. Among her students were pianist and harpsichordist Gavin Williamson, James Henry Fields, Daniel Pollack and Bruce Sutherland. She was a pioneer of women's opportunity in music performance and conducting, being the first woman to conduct many of the world's leading orchestras.

Jim’s great-grandparents sat behind the piano and made great music. Whereas, Jim earnestly sells the wood that makes a great piano.