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earMUSIC is Edel Group’s international record company dedicated to rock, pop, metal and alternative rock repertoire.
The label merges the experience and tradition of over 20 years of success of Edel worldwide with a renewed musical direction and fresh approach to the development of artist’s career and new releases.



earMUSIC‘s roster features names such as Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, Blackmore’s Night,Foreigner, Chickenfoot, Hollywood Vampires, Joe Jackson, Gamma Ray, Stratovarius, Status Quo, Skid Row, Marillion, New Model Army, Joe Satriani, Tarja, Once Human, Long Distance Calling, Myrath, H.E.A.T, Simon McBride, and many others.


Strong of the experience that earMUSIC‘s marketing and promotion teams all over the world have shown in the last 15 years, the label plans to position itself as the leading European independent.
earMUSIC aims to be a reliable and innovative partner of major artists who are wishing to combine all the valuable aspects of a traditional record company, by offering highly skilled representatives, and long-established marketing and promotion tools.
earMUSIC products are always the state of the art when it comes to packaging and giving values to music fans (as for the exclusive Collector’s Edition, CD+7″ vinyl personally signed by the artists).
Further to this earMUSIC is committed to forward-thinking, using new technology to push the boundaries of existing physical and digital formats.

earMUSIC offers labels and artists a strong network of owned affiliates and long time partners all over the world. These top professionals and highly rewarded companies have been responsible for the success of many independent labels and artists that could benefit from their marketing, promotion and distribution services and know how.