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About Us

Ideon Audio is a boutique audio systems manufacturer of extreme performance digital sound equipment.

The sonic goal: to offer products which reveal the music hidden within the digital data, in other words, transport us to the recorded musical event: fully extended frequency range, real-life dynamics, clarity, and detail. To achieve these results, all our products are in-house, proprietary designs, built without use of off-the-shelf modules. Our 360 manufacturing concept pervades the manufacturing process down to the choice of highest-standards materials and production partners

Our Goal

We strive to make digital sound accessible to all. In this context accessible means, to make digital music files sound as good as they can and to make our products accessible for all, from entry-level to extreme-performance systems. The reasoning behind these two premises is simple: on the one hand, careful design using the best or the right components will lead to good sound — as good as the mastering, that is. This is the foundation for example, of our flagship DAC, the Absolute, and the Absolute Suite products.


In order to achieve this sound Ideon Audio developed its own design technology which is present in all our audio devices: war against electrical noise, voltage & current stability under load, war against any phase inconsistencies.

This design philosophy pervades all our designs:

- fully linear internal power supplies

- abundant ultra-low noise and ultra-stabilised power,

- dedicated lines powering critical circuit points,

- persistent signal re-clocking,

- isolated signal inputs and stabilised, hi-current, outputs, and

- meticulous choice of audiophile components throughout.

We simply want our products to be the best, in absolute terms and best in class.