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At 55 years of age, Roy Stewart had  an opportunity that fit in with his vision of making large front and rear projection screens. With the help of his two sons, Marshall, 23, and Clifford, 20, the purchase was made and a small pilot operation was opened at a former WWII munitions facility in Torrance. Under the name, Roy C. Stewart & Sons, the business produced one lace and grommet screen a week for the movie industry. 

For more than 70 years now, Stewart has been the consistent choice of discerning clientele around the world. Aesthetic-conscious architects, consultants, systems designers, and property owners rely on Stewart Filmscreen for the perfect combination of superior quality, flexible design, and dedicated support, and we consistently deliver. Providing the most immersive experience in the industry, Stewart has a projection screen to meet your needs.

Stewart Filmscreen is a well-known brand that specializes in producing high-quality projection screens for home theaters, commercial venues, and large-scale events. The company has been around since 1947 and has established itself as a leader in the projection screen industry.

Stewart Filmscreen offers a wide range of screen materials, including woven, perforated, and rear-projection surfaces, with various gain and viewing angle options. These screens are designed to deliver excellent image quality with sharpness, color accuracy, and contrast, making them ideal for professional settings such as movie theaters, boardrooms, and education institutions, as well as for home theater enthusiasts.

One of the notable features of Stewart Filmscreen is their customization options, which allows customers to choose from a variety of screen sizes, shapes, and aspect ratios. This level of flexibility allows for a seamless integration of screens into any type of space, and provides an optimal viewing experience for every audience.

Additionally, Stewart Filmscreen has a strong commitment to sustainability and uses eco-friendly materials and production methods. The company also offers recycling programs for their products to help reduce waste and promote environmental responsibility.

Stewart Filmscreen is a trusted brand that offers a wide range of projection screens with exceptional image quality and customization options. Their commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction make them a top choice for both professional and personal use.