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OD SUB 12 Outdoor Subwoofer

OD SUB 12 Outdoor Subwoofer

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The OD Sub 12 subwoofer takes Focal's high-quality sound into your outdoor spaces! Its speaker driver with Iris cone ( 11 3/4” / 30 cm ) delivers a deep & powerful bass ( 400 watt ), & for a long period of time.

Powerful Bass in All Weather

With the benefit of Focal’s know-how, OD Sub 12 delivers high-end sound quality and integrates a transformer, making it 70/100V compatible and able to cover large spaces, with no loss of power.

Available in Light or Dark finish, its partially underground use allows it to blend into any outdoor setting. It is the ideal subwoofer to have in your garden for sensational outdoor music listening sessions.

This subwoofer is the perfect addition to a system comprising the OD Sat 5 or OD Stone 8 loudspeakers.

Resistant to Water & All Weather

IP55 Certification

The OD Sub 12 subwoofer is IP55 certified. IP, or Ingress Protection, is a standard from the International Electrotechnical Commission relating to a product's degree of water resistance and protection against the ingress of solids and dust.

A Complete Choice of System

The three outdoor products from the Littora 200 line – OD Stone 8, OD Sat 5 and OD Sub 12 – have been designed and developed by the Focal engineers to offer the same high-end sound and harmonious aesthetic, whether used together or separately.

Key Points

- Woofer with 12" ( 30 cm ) Iris IP cone: deep and powerful bass ( 400 watt )

- Adjustable vent height

- IP55-certified technical design ( water & dust )

- Robust design

- Compatible with OD Sat 5 for a complete system

- System is perfect for pairing with OD Stone 8


Type of Speaker: Outdoor subwoofer

Speaker Drivers: 113/4" ( 30 cm ) woofer with Iris IP cone

Bandwidth: 40Hz – 120Hz


Minimal Impedance: 5Ώ at 55Hz

Sensitivity: 90 dB

Power: 100 watt RMS – 400 watt Peak

Recommended Amp Power: 8Ώ 50 watt – 300 watt

Temperature Tolerance: -20° / 65°

IP Rating: IP55

Dimensions: ( W ) 15" x ( D ) 36.25" x ( H ) 22"

Weight: 41.89 lbs 

Focal OD Sub 12 User's Manual

Focal OD Sub 12 Specification Sheet