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Magico M-Rack with M-Pod

Magico M-Rack with M-Pod

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In Store Only ! The M-Rack absorbs and dissipates energy with the same constrained-layer damping mechanism employed in the Magico QPod equipment.

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Magico M-Rack with MPod

Constructed of 500 lbs of aluminum, copper, and damping compound, the M-Rack is a byproduct of Magico’s R&D invested into their Q series of loudspeakers.

Over the past fifteen years countless amplifiers, DACs, servers, transports, turntables, and cables have passed through the Magico listening room during the development stages of over two dozen loudspeaker models. A cornerstone product that has stood the test of time in all our loudspeaker creations is the Magico MRACK equipment stand. The MRACK was originally designed for our own internal R&D to maximize the overall system performance. Employing the culmination of knowledge accrued in resonance control and energy dissipation featured in the Q-Series, M-Series, and all POD products; the most acoustically resolving and structurally inert audio equipment stand is now available to the public.  

The MRACK is available in a three or four shelf version and finished in a black anodized aluminum that is elegant and durable. Each shelf weighs 80-pounds and is formed with five layers of constrained-layer-damped aluminum, copper and ISODAMP elastomer which is designed to capture unwanted mechanical resonances and dissipate that energy into heat. The vertical side struts of the MRACK include the same constrained layer damping architecture as each shelf and are coupled to the floor with the renowned Magico MPOD.  The MRACK isolates each component in the hostile environment of a listening room and dramatically improves resolution, imaging, and soundstage like you have never heard before.

A full-length pure copper grounding rod is featured on the MRACK which allows each shelf and component to be grounded and funnel noise away from the electronics. The MRACK also includes two machined aluminum rings on each elevated shelf for enhanced cable management and reduced tension on IEC connections with heavier cables.s, greater cone control and faster heat dissipation.

The VDP ( Vibration Dissipation Platforms ) amplifier stands employ the same CLD ( Constrained Layer Damped ) architecture as the MRACK shelves and are coupled to the floor by three MPOD’s per platform.


MRACK Shelf (each): 21” ( W ) x 18” ( D ) 80 lbs.

MRACK 3 Shelf (complete): 25.5” ( W ) x 18” ( D ) x 31.9” ( H ) 320 lbs.

MRACK 4 Shelf (complete): 25.5” ( W ) x 18” ( D ) x 42.6” ( H ) 400 lbs.

VDP Platform: 21” ( W ) x 18” ( D ) x 4.5” ( H ) 90 lbs.

VDP Platform Plus: 22” ( W ) x 23” ( D ) x 4.5” ( H ) 110 lbs.