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CLG - W 12 Climate Garden Subwoofer

CLG - W 12 Climate Garden Subwoofer

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The CLG - W 12 is a passive subwoofer. Optimized for discreet sub-surface installation, its proprietary MA bandpass design incorporates an internally loaded 12" C-CAM driver. Free shipping to Continental US only !

The CLG - W 12 is a passive subwoofer. Optimized for discreet sub-surface installation, its proprietary Monitor Audio bandpass design incorporates an internally loaded 12" C-CAM driver which sits in a waterproof rotationally-moulded polymer enclosure buried below the garden surface - only the CLG - W 12’s domed output port is visible.

From this little ‘chimney’ powerfully taut bass frequencies will join the clean mids and highs of the surrounding CLG 140 / CLG 160 satellites for punchy and articulate full-range garden sound.

The CLG - W 12 can be powered from a single amplifier channel at 4 ohms, with its 70 / 100 Volt line option recommended for cable runs over 30' and for adding subwoofers to the system. In this line configuration, the CLG 140 / CLG 160 satellites are daisy-chained to the CLG - W 12, one after the other, up to a recommended maximum of twelve per subwoofer. System expansion to larger garden spaces simply involves the addition of amplifier channels, subwoofers and satellites.

In the simplest designs, satellites are connected in a mono configuration to one amplifier channel, the other channel powering the subwoofer. The use of a stereo power amplifier with 70 / 100 volt line capability and crossover features will allow the adjustment of levels between bass and mid-high range. Alternatively, the system can be designed to provide stereo operation by adding elements to create left / right zones.

When installed the Climate Garden System delivers a smooth, wide-open and controlled frequency response from 30 Hz to 30k Hz in the targeted environment: better than many home audio systems! For patio or deck applications, the CLG - W 12 will install within a planter box to enhance Monitor Audio’s CL Series all-weather cabinet speakers with deep bass frequencies, giving custom installers additional design options.


- Below ground garden installation. On patios or decks will install within a suitably sized planter

- Extended response down to 30 Hz

- Long throw 12" sub-woofer driver featuring C-CAM cone technology and rigid die-cast chassis

- Bandpass cabinet enclosure delivers high efficiency and punchy, extended bass

- 70 / 100 Volt and 4 ohm tap for flexible system design: additional units can be added and ‘daisy-chained’ together

- Robust moulded cabinet: strong and waterproof with fewer joints to compromise structural integrity

- Certified to IP 54 Ingress Protection rating

- Dark brown finish blends with garden colors

- Applications: garden, deck and patio, theme parks


Frequency Response ( -6 dB ): 30 Hz — 100 Hz

Sensitivity ( 1 Watt @ 1 Meter ): 87 dB

Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms or 70 / 100 Volt line level ( cable select )

Maximum SPL: 110 dBA

Power Handling ( RMS ): 250 Watt

Recommended Amplifier Requirements: 100 — 250 Watt

Drive Unit Complement: 1 x 12" C-CAM cone, long throw sub-bass driver

Crossover Recommendation: 100 Hz at a minimum of 12 dB / Octave ( 24 dB / Octave optimum )

External Dimensions: ( H x W x D ) 19 1/2" x 14 15/16" x 19 7/8"

Connection: Encapsulated cable connection

Environmental Protection Rating: IP 54

Color / Finish: Brown

Weight: 42 lbs 14 oz