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Venom Line Analog Audio Cables (Pair)

Venom Line Analog Audio Cables (Pair)

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Venom Series signal & speaker cables represent 15 years of Shunyata’s evolved technical innovation & custom-parts engineering. The over-reaching goal was to create products that possess peerless quality & performance, at real-world prices.


– OHNO Continuous Cast Copper promotes better sound quality
– VTX™ Conductors ( hollow-core ) for deeper clarity
– Premium Shunyata XLR & RCA Connectors for solid connectivity
– 100% coverage braided shield to reduce RF noise
– Stunning Aesthetic makes for attractive presentation
– Very Flexible Cables make them easy to manage in close corners
– Reference-quality value that is affordable


Sound systems, recording and studio environments that require phono connectors, such as turntables and some tape machines.