Alpha v2 Analog Interconnect Cables

Alpha v2 Analog Interconnect Cables

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Alpha interconnects feature Shunyatas exclusive patented ΞTRON® technology that reduces dielectric distortion. Ohno Continuous Cast Copper, conductors with expensive fluorocarbon dielectrics make for a true reference quality interconnect. Free shipping!

The internationally patented ΞTRON® technology is perhaps the most compelling of Shunyata Research’s technologies, with its ability to measurably lower dielectric distortion and preserve the original signal’s integrity. ΞTRON® cables have earned a legendary reputation among reviewers, customers and sound professionals for their ability to eclipse the performance of even the most cost prohibitive cables on the market. Caelin Gabriel’s research has evolved a second generation ΞTRON® technology that is making its debut in the Alpha Series interconnects and speaker cables. The Alpha Series’ combination of ΞTRON® technology, Ohno Copper, VTX™ hollow-core conductors, sonic welding terminations, and KPIP™ ( Kinetic Phase Inversion Process ) simply overwhelms competing products in performance, parts quality, and construction.

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Cable: Ohno 16 gauge coaxial, VTX™ geometry, FEP dielectric, silver-plated braided shielding

Termination: Shunyata Research RCA Connectors