Bridge of Silence (2 pcs)

Bridge of Silence (2 pcs)

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Solid Tech Bridge of Silence, is developed to increase the clarity of the sound. The Bridge of Silence is sold in package of two. Free Shipping to Continental US Only. Questions? Please call us at (702) 910-4913. Or contact us via chat.

Bridge of Silence

The Bridge of Silence makes a real difference when reducing the electromagnetic interference to a minimum by lifting the cables, minimizing the point of contact with the floor and being the material used, concrete, a great resistor. Cables situated on the floor are affected by external and internal vibrations that decreases the sounds purity and clearness. By using the Bridge of Silence the cables are uphold on a high quality o-ring that reduces the external and internal vibrations to a minimum, The Bridge of Silence is made out of concrete that is both heavy in order to keep the cable straight and an irregular compound that reduces static, boosting performance of purity and clarity.

Bridge of Silence Extension 

As a consequence to the success of the Bridge of Silence, Solid Tech introduce now a possibility to add an extension kit to the cable holder. The extended rods will increase the height where you can fix the cables. The Bridge of Silence Extension will spare the power cables with high density to break close to its connection on the wall socket or on the equipment. All the advantages and features from Bridge of Silence can be kept also when using the Extension such as vibration and static electricity isolation. The kit consists of 2 bottom rods, 6 middle rods, 2 acrylic struts and 2 top hats.