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Hybrid Isolators ( Pack of 4 )

Hybrid Isolators ( Pack of 4 )

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HYIS is specially designed for the Solid Tech HYBRID racks - where they are designed for and adapted for mounting on the top and bottom of the corner legs. Comes in a pack of 4.. Free Shipping to Continental US Only.

With HYIS, you achieve an extreme relaxation between each shelf section. So what happens in a shelf section does not propagate further out into the rack but is absorbed away. It also has a similar function to what happens elsewhere in the rack from reaching the individual shelf.

You can also mount HYIS at the bottom of the lower section - towards the floor - so that the floor is also relaxed to the maximum.

The result is a floating and absorbing rack with vibration-damping properties the world has never seen before.

HYIS is available in 2 models

HYIS75 with weight class up to 75kg

HYIS150 with weight class up to 150kg

Number of dampers in the package  Set of 4 pcs 
Materials  Aluminum / Acrylic 
Color Sort
Diameter  79mm 
Height  31mm 
Number of springs  12 pcs per damper 
Weight class Up to 150kg

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