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Hybrid Shelf-Kit

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Solid Tech’s Hybrid comes from a long heritage of award winning rack engineering and features all the top state-of-the-art engineering qualities that you would expect. Each Sold Separately. Free Shipping to Continental US!

The Hybrid’s latest developments allow flexibility like never before. Starting for example with a 4-shelf vertical rack you can easily reassemble with the focus on horizontal expansion such as a 2-shelf racks side by side. If needed later, you can build vertically again while keeping the horizontal foundation from earlier. With this type of flexibility there are endless of options to explore, meaning you can design the optimum A/V rack and tweak according to any changes you wish to make without any loss of platform-stability. Hybrid pillars and extrusions are available in silver, black and copper anodized aluminum.

Shelves for the Hybrid series are available in:

- Black painted MDF

- White painted MDF

- Cherry veneer

- Walnut veneer

- Oak veneer

- Black Oak veneer

- Carbon hydro dipped

- Concrete

The veneer is of the same high quality as in the Radius rack system. With the veneered, concrete and Carbon shelves the console is attached from the bottom meaning that there will be no visible screw heads. The black and white painted MDF shelves are attached from above. Measures: 490 x 435, 19mm  Concrete: 22mm thickness

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