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TEAC NT-505 USB DAC / Network Audio Player

TEAC NT-505 USB DAC / Network Audio Player

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The NT-505 is a dual monaural USB DAC with versatile network playback capabilities. It successfully incorporates the latest network technologies, along with TEAC’s decades of accumulated audio design experience, in an attractive package with an A4-sized footprint.
Like its predecessor ( the NT-503 ) it employs a dual monaural circuit design to process audio signals with even greater purity, with the latest VERITA AK 4497 DAC chip used on each of the two channels. This improves the S/N ( signal to noise ) ratio by processing each channel individually in monaural mode, as well as delivering DSD 512 ( 22.5M Hz ) native and 768k Hz / 32-bit PCM playback capabilities.

The analogue section, which is one of the keys to sound quality, includes four TEAC-HCLD buffer amp circuits that allow different drive modes, – fully-balanced drive for balanced output, and parallel drive mode for unbalanced output – to achieve enhanced acoustic expression. On the network audio side, the NT-505 supports high-quality music subscription services, namely TIDAL and Qobuz, and is Roon Ready. There’s also a built-in MQA decoder, and you will enjoy unlimited music content on the Internet thanks to its high-quality digital and analogue processing technologies.

In addition to a wide range of digital and analogue inputs, a Bluetooth® receiver supporting LDAC™ and Qualcomm® aptX HD™ allows you to stream high-quality audio wirelessly from your smartphone to this flagship USB DAC.

TEAC NT-505 USB DAC/Network Audio Player User's Manual

Technical Details

- Hi-Res audio playback supporting DSD 512 ( 22.6 MHz ) and PCM 768k Hz / 32-bit PCM

- Dual monaural circuit design with a high-end AKM VERITA AK 4497 DAC on each channel

- Supports MQA decoding and TIDAL and Qobuz music subscription services, and is Roon Ready

- DSD 128 ( 5.6 MHz ) and PCM 192k Hz / 24-bit Network streaming from NAS / PC

- 5 types of PCM digital filters and 2 types of DSD digital filters

- Up-conversion up to 24.5M Hz DSD and 384k Hz / 32-bit PCM

- Dual on-board clocks for 44.1k Hz and 48k Hz frequencies, and 10M Hz external clock input

- Bluetooth® receiver supporting LDAC™ and Qualcomm® aptX™ HD

- TEAC-HCLD output buffer circuit and TEAC-QVCS volume control for high quality sound

- Dual toroidal-core power transformers

- Digital Isolator for separated digital and analogue sections

- 1/4” ( 6.3 mm ) stereo TRS jack supporting ground-separate drive

- “Bulk Pet” USB transferring technology with four transfer modes for various sound characters*1

- USB audio port for Hi-Res audio input from Windows / Mac

- Coaxial and optical digital inputs on both front and back

- Front USB port supporting Hi-Res playback from USB flash drive

- Analogue outputs with balanced XLR and conventional unbalanced RCA outputs

- High-contrast full-graphic organic EL display with dimmer

- Full-metal body with an A4-sized footprint

- Free TEAC HR Audio Player for DSD 512 and PCM 32 / 768 playback

- Free TEAC HR Streamer app for iOS / Android devices

- Compliant with RoHS