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1169 Bluetooth Radio ( Each )

1169 Bluetooth Radio ( Each )

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The charm of the old lies in its authenticity, so we take care to keep as many original elements as possible. We modernize all our vintage sets with a lot of love, care and attention.

Witnesses of our history, our radios from the 30s to the 60s will find their place in a chic, modern or vintage living room.

They represent the know-how of Absolument, the most unique connected speakers in the world combining design and audiophile sound quality thanks to the performance of Focal speakers and its 50W analog amplifier allowing to retranscribe the sound of tube amplifiers while benefiting from a modern dynamism.

In order to keep the charm of these old sets, we integrate backlighting bulbs on the dial, and we keep the original volume knob, allowing you to travel in time with each music.

Why We Love It:

- Radios are handmade and rebuilt by master artisans for a timeless look with updated audio systems.

- Each radio is entirely unique due to its handcrafted nature.

- Outfitted with Bluetooth technology to easily pair with modern-day music devices.