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Acoustic Signature Tango Reference NEO

Acoustic Signature Tango Reference NEO

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Proces­sing the delicate phono signal is one of the biggest chal­lenges that amplifier designers have to face. The Tango Reference NEO’s new reso­nance-optimized and anti-magnetic chassis is made of solid aluminum block. The phono amplifier features an over-dimen­sioned power supply with toroidal trans­former that is located on a separate board to ensure absolute current stabi­lity. Both assemb­lies are moun­ted on a special shiel­ding steel plate to avoid any inter­ference with the phono signal. The Tango Reference NEO consists of indivi­dually selec­ted high quality compo­nents. It’s semi-active RIAA equali­zation achieve extremely precise values with a maximum devia­tion of less than 0.1 dB from the ideal curve. An elabo­rate single-ended output stage desig­ned in Class A guaran­tees minimal distor­tion and very low hum and noise. The Tango Reference is a perfect base for high-resolu­tion, fasci­nating 3D-imaging and invol­ving musica­lity of the phono signal.


- Phono preamp­lifier for MC, MI & MM cartridges

- Resonance-optimi­zed and anti­magnetic aluminum chassis

- Super precise RIAA and extremely low distor­tion due to high quality compo­nents and single-ended output stage (Class A)

- Extremely low hum & noise due to very short signal paths

- Over-dimen­sioned power supply

- Subsonic filter against low-frequency inter­ferences

- 4 selectable gain steps

Adjus­table load impedance